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Thursday, December 17, 2015

TCM Greatest War Film Collection

TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: War (Battle of the Bulge / The Dawn Patrol / Gunga Din / Operation Pacific)

It's generally been hard for significant others of GeorgeStevens' awesome enterprise film GUNGA DIN to discover a duplicate that didn't seem as though it had been dragged through the earth. The print in this accumulation was, great. Teaming it with one of my most loved flying motion pictures, THE DAWN PATROL, made this an absolute necessity have.

BATTLE OF THEBULGE This epic recreation of one of World War II's pivotal clashes captures the explosive action of massive forces squaring off as well as the brave ingenuity of weary GIs trying to survive a cruel European winter. Ken Annakin (The Longest Day) directs an all-star juggernaut: Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw, Robert Ryan and more. THE DAWN PATROL Errol Flynn and David Niven take to the skies in this thrilling aerial action yarn as World War I British flyboys who unite in devil-may-care gallantry and in disdain for their commander (Basil Rathbone). But war's realities will soon tarnish their bonhomie and change their disdain to understanding. GUNGA DIN Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. star as cheeky soldiers of Queen and Empire armed with battlefield gallantry and chin-up heroics as they combat a murderous sect in colonial India. Director George Stevens orchestrates teeming battles, boisterous humor – and an indelible title-role performance by Sam Jaffe. OPERATION PACIFIC Meet the dive-for-glory torpedo devils of the USS Thunderfish as John Wayne commands a desperate World War II submarine mission deep into enemy territory. Patricia Neal and Ward Bond co-star.

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