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Sunday, December 13, 2015

TCM Greatest Gangsters Movie

TCM Greatest Classic: Gangsters - Humphrey Bogart

TCM and Warner keep on truckin' with these 4-great-films-for-cheap releases. After buying some of the newer titles it appears they have officially abandoned their double-sided flipper discs and opted for reusing the original single-sided discs with same disc labels (BTW these collections are all re-releases, nothing new). However they are housed in a stackable hub case which some people believe could scratch discs somehow. I've never come across a disc that's been damaged in these cases so I much prefer it over the flipper discs. With twice the discs (and subsequently the label artwork as well) it feels like you're getting just a little more for your money.
As for the films themselves, they are all quintessential classic cinema at it's finest. While Bogie isn't the lead in 2 of them (The Petrified Forest, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse) he is fantastic in the smaller roles. All of them boast phenomenal casts with the likes of Edward G. Robinson, Ida Lupino, Bette Davis, Jackie Gleason and Phil Silvers. All Through the Night isn't really a gangster film but instead features Bogie as a good-natured kingpin gambler complete with a hilarious posse who uncovers an underground ring of Nazis - doesn't really fit in with the other movies but great stuff nonetheless. All discs have some special features like Warner's "Night at the Movies" which presents you with a period-appropriate trailer, newsreel, short subject and cartoon just like you would have seen at the theater back then.

More 4-movie collections from TCM & Warner will most likely be on the way given the rate they are cranking them out now. About 1/3 of the DVDs from their Warner Bros. Gangster Collections haven't yet been re-released in these moneysavers and they've got an incredible catalog of existing releases to pull from. After passing on a lot of DVDs over the years, it's convenient to see some get a second life at a more economical rate.

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