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Family Classics Movie Collection: November 2015

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

TCM Greatest Murder Mysteries Collection

This is an astounding arrangement of four extraordinary films and at a conventional cost. "Dial M for Murder" seems to have been remastered, and tidied up, and truly looks incredible. The hues are rich and energetic and the blacks are profound. "The Big Sleep" however, is not remastered, and has dust spots on the negative. Likewise, the left half of the edge some of the time seems dull and does not have the profound blacks seen on the right half of the casing. "The Postman Always Rings Twice" likewise has dust spots, however "The Maltese Falcon" has all the earmarks of being perfect.I was astounded to additionally see that every film has numerous exceptional elements, incorporating meetings with different chiefs, film students of history, or archival specialists. The bundling is essential however it does the employment with a film on every side of two circles in a DVD case. This set is a fabulous purchase.
Story hints
THE MALTESE FALCON Some high-living lowlifes want to get their sweaty hands on a bejeweled falcon. Detective Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) wants to find out why – and who’ll take the fall for his pertner’s murder. Sydney Greenstreet, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre and Elisha Cook Jr. co-star in a crackling masterwork directed and written for the screen by John Huston. THE BIG SLEEP (1946) L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) takes on a blackmail case…and wears out his gumshoes trailing murderers, nightclub rogues, the spoiled rich and more. Lauren Bacall joins Bogart under Howard Hawks’ brisk and atmospheric direction of an ace adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel. DIAL M FOR MURDER Alfred Hitchcock’s screen version of Frederick Knott’s stage hit casts Grace Kelly, Ray Milland and Robert Cummings as points of a romantic triangle. She loves Cummings; her husband Milland plots her murder. But when he dials a Mayfair exchange to set the plot in motion, his right number gets the wrong answer! THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE (1946) Based on the novel by James M. Cain (Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce), this quintessential film noir stars John Garfield and Lana Turner as illicit lovers who botch a first attempt to bump off her husband, pull it off and betray each other at trial. Amorous attractions never proved so fatal as in this steamy, stormy classic.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

All Time Greatest clssic film collection

At A Glance TCM Greatest clssic film collection

This TCM/Warners fantastic motion picture gathering will be an awesome space-sparing option for those individuals whose DVD accumulations are getting marginally out of me! This set involves four unsurpassed excellent movies that won the pined for 'Best Picture' Academy Award in their individual years

MRS MINIVER: Greer Garson is a picture of bravery under flame in this mixing wartime dramatization, delightfully coordinated by William Wyler and co-featuring Walter Pidgeon and Teresa Wright. Extraordinary Features: Greer Garson Academy Awards discourse footage, shorts "Mr. Bigmouth" and "For the Common Defense", photograph display and trailer. 

CASABLANCA: Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in their famous parts of Rick and Ilsa, two previous mates who are put together again in wartime Casablanca. You must recall this! Unique Features: sound discourse by Rudy Behlmer, sound editorial by Roger Ebert, all-new presentation facilitated by Lauren Bacall. 

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS: Gene Kelly's unmatched move abilities, the sparkling screen introduction of Leslie Caron and the touchy heading of Vincente Minnelli join in this stunning musical fantastic. Exceptional Features: sound critique facilitated by Patricia Ward Kelly, shorts "Paris on Parade" and "Ensemble in Slang", and trailer. 

GIGI: The last hurrah of the amazing old MGM musical, rejoining star Leslie Caron and chief Vincente Minnelli in a lavish adjustment of Colette's well known novella. Uncommon Features: sound editorial by Jeanine Basinger and Leslie Caron, shorts "The Million Dollar Nickel" and "The Vanishing Duck", and trailer.


Disc 1, side A: Casablanca

Commentary by critic Roger Ebert

Commentary by historian Rudy Behlmer

Introduction by Lauren Bacall

English, French, and Spanish subtitles

Disc 1, side B: Mrs. Miniver

Greer Garson Academy Awards footage

Photo gallery

Two World War II-era shorts: Mr. Blabbermouth and For the Common Defense

Disc 2, side A: Gigi

Commentary by historian Jeanine Basinger with Leslie Caron

Vintage short: The Million Dollar Nickel

Classic CinemaScope cartoon: The Vanishing Duck

Theatrical trailer

English, French, and Japanese subtitles

Disc 2, side B: An American in Paris

Commentary hosted by Patricia Ward Kelly and featuring rare interviews with Gene Kelly, Vincente Minnelli, Arthur Freed, Alan Jay Lerner, Johnny Green, Saul Chaplin, Michael Feinstein, Preston Ames, and Irene Sharaff, and new observations by Leslie Caron and Nina Foch

Vintage FitzPatrick Traveltalks short: Paris on Parade

Classic cartoon: Symphony in Slang

English, French, Japanese, and Thai subtitles

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Children Best Classic

Newly restored movie "The Wizard of Oz"

 Like most children , I've watched this film many times in the past on telecast TV, then VHS tape, then LaserDisc ... be that as it may, I had never really SEEN "The Wizard of Oz" until this recently restored DVD turned out. It's an astounding exchange. The sepia-tone Kansas successions are startlingly sharp and clear, and the Technicolored world "Over the Rainbow" is really astonishing. I got myself captivated by subtle elements I had never seen: the sparkling corn stalks in the Scarecrow's field; the mirror-like floors of the Emerald City; the cleaned catches on the sentries' regalia. Extraordinarily, even the individual grains of red sand in the Witch's hourglass emerged and shimmered! All these minor-yet lavish visual points of interest served to increase the supernatural spell that the film has constantly woven, upgrading the exhibitions, the story, and the music.
 About The Film
The magic of M-G-M’s wonderfully colorful and unique fantasy has melted hearts for more than seven decades with its indelible melodies and transcendent themes of family, home and the courage to pursue dreams. To celebrate the beloved movie’s 75th anniversary, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is re-releasing The Wizard of Oz on DVD.

Adapted from L. Frank Baum’s timeless children’s tale about a Kansas girl’s journey over the rainbow, The Wizard of Oz starred Judy Garland as Dorothy, Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow; Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion; Jack Haley as the Tin Woodman and Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch.

The Wizard of Oz received five Academy Award® nominations[1], including Best Picture (Outstanding Production), and captured two Oscars® -- Best Song (“Over the Rainbow”) and Best Original Score -- plus a special award for Outstanding Juvenile Performance by Ms. Garland

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sip California Lodi Wine Experience Gift Card

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Family Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection

Family Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection

Looking for family classic movie ? then this is what you are looking for . This 50 classic movie collection is based on your  selection . you know this is tough to select a number of blockbuster from all of the movie . But I can surely tell you , you must like this collection . Enjoy your movie with family fun...

Titles Include:

  • Til the Clouds Roll By starring Judy Garland
  • The Medicine Man starring Jack Benny
  • Disorder in the Court starring The Three Stooges
  • Malice in the Palace starring The Three Stooges
  • The Brideless Groom starring The Three Stooges
  • Let's Get Tough starring East Side Kids
  • The Last Time I Saw Paris starring Elizabeth Taylor
  • Jane Eyre starring Virginia Bruce
  • A Star is Born starring Janet Gaynor
  • The Racketeer starring Carole Lombard
  • Gulliver's Travels starring Jessica Dragonette
  • Managed Money starring Shirley Temple
  • The General starring Buster Keaton
  • The Kid starring Charlie Chaplin
  • Long John Silver starring Robert Newton
  • The Scarlet Letter starring Coleen Moore
  • The Inspector General starring Danny Kaye
  • The Paleface starring Buster Keaton
  • That Gang of Mine starring East Side Kids
  • Son of Monte Cristo starring Louis Hayward
  • Captain Kidd starring Charles Laughton
  • The Time of Your Life starring James Cagney
  • A Farewell to Arms starring Gary Cooper
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel starring Leslie Howard
  • The Black Pirate starring Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy starring Mickey Rooney
  • The Eagle starring Rudolph Valentino
  • The Great Dan Patch starring Dennis O'Keefe
  • My Dear Secretary starring Kirk Douglas
  • Royal Wedding starring Fred Astaire
  • Dora's Dunkin' Donuts starring Shirley Temple
  • Our Town starring William Holden
  • The Little Princess starring Shirley Temple
  • My Favorite Brunette starring Bob Hope
  • Pardon My Pups starring Shirley Temple
  • The Big Trees starring Kirk Douglas
  • Beyond Tomorrow starring Harry Carey
  • Sing a Song of Six Pants starring The Three Stooges
  • Flying Deuces starring Laurel & Hardy
  • The Blacksmith starring Buster Keaton
  • Africa Screams starring Abbott & Costello
  • The Golf Specialist starring W.C. Fields
  • Father's Little Dividend starring Spencer Tracy
  • The Dentist starr

  • Specific Actor of this collection